Tuesday, August 15, 2006


When it was announced that Steve McNair was coming to Baltimore, I wrote a piece entitled, “Boller Should Welcome No. 9 with Open Arms” which you can find in the Lombardi’s Way archives. My thinking at the time was that McNair’s arrival should be the best thing to ever happen to Kyle Boller during his professional career. That is still how I see it regardless of the bumbling and stumbling this past Friday night at The Vault.

I find it interesting how many people thought that Kyle Boller could successfully migrate from a bad No. 1 QB to one of the league’s best No. 2’s. Even Eric DeCosta told me as much and I wondered and asked why? Is it because he’s had 34 starts? Does the experience make him a top shelf back up?

Eric certainly wasn’t alone in that thinking. Others inside the Ravens’ organization think the same way. But why? What has he done as a No. 2 to merit such high praise as a back up?


Now after Friday’s performance, some that placed him on that lofty back up perch have chopped that perch down faster than an Oregon lumberjack. Again I ask, “Why?”

Look it was the first preseason game and granted it was a bad one for Boller, but one bad game as the No. 2 shouldn’t make him a candidate for the scrap heap any more than a good performance should justify the aforementioned lofty perch. It was just one game!

Hey, what if Derrick Mason hadn’t adeptly played the role of defender on the poorly thrown deep ball from McNair on Friday. Would we all be hanging him out to dry?

Let’s see how things develop before we jump to conclusions either way about Boller. Chances are, the Ravens will need him at some point this season. McNair’s recent history of injuries almost assures it.


Crowbytes said...

Now we can see the folly of the 2+years of promoting Kyle Boller. Here we are discussing wether he is even deserving of a #2 spot. Stubbornly insisting he is the Man for the future has cost us much. Thank heavens it has come to an end.
I wish Kyle well. He is a fine person in the wrong position. It has been unfair to him to keep him there.


Superboller1 said...

I think Boller just needs a change of scenary not only for the Ravens organization and its fans, but also for Boller's psychological health.

In addition, we will probably only have McNair here for about three seasons, and we must move to draft (in 2007) our next Quarterback of the future. This time, we could do things the right way: have that QB sit for two seasons behind McNair.

Getting back to Boller, he just seems to be a mental mess right now. I hear Aaron Wilson talk about Boller taking all of this disdain from fans and his teammates with professionalism, but the guy is only human. I am fearful that Boller is imploding; just falling apart internally to the point that he could mentally breakdown. The mind is a fragile thing and it can ony take so much.

For Boller's sanity, the sooner he leaves the better.

GrecoRoman said...

The poor kid can't even back away from center reliably at this point. Maybe a change of scenery would help, but at this point, he's NOT the answer in Baltimore. Get something for him while you still can in the off-season this spring!

Ravenwoman said...

The problem with Kyle Boller is his inconsistency. Just when we think he has turned the corner, he regresses into his old ways.

His biggest problem is staring down receivers and his nervous personal nature. These two problems may never be corrected and I don't think any amount of coaching can help.

As far as being the #2, I think we have no other choice but to support him. Neither Brian St. Pierre or Drew Olson are better and the Ravens are still paying Boller a hefty salary. Until the Ravens commit to drafting another high prospect, we are stuck with who we have.

Not to beat a dead horse, but, I really think it was a mistake letting Derek Anderson go. He showed more poise in one preseason game than Kyle Boller in the 3 years he's been here. I understand he is now competing for the number 2 spot in Cleveland. Last year the Ravens tried to demote him to the Practice Squad and Phil Savage scooped him up like a diamond in sand. The Ravens need to realize he is no longer a friend, but the enemy who is constantly watching us. I wish he would go away and mind his own business.

I do wish Kyle well this season. I think as Ravens fans, we need to support him and quit all the booing. It's a foregone conclusion that he will be playing this year, even for a few games. Pray that Steve McNair has a healthy year with few ailments.