Friday, August 11, 2006


Yesterday the Ravens unveiled to the media a new light emitting diode (LED) display system intended to enhance the game experience for fans. 750 feet of LED technology was added to the existing 400 feet at M&T Bank Stadium, animating the entire club level fascia. If you’ve been to a NBA or NHL game, you know what I mean.

On the heels of this unveiling, it was announced that Ray Lewis will no longer be dancing – thankfully!

Look, it was a good idea while it lasted but I don’t feel like hearing the No. 1 song at M&T in 2000 over and over again for another season – sorry! Thanks for the memories. It was great for awhile but all things must pass and the truth be told this dance should have passed two years ago.

It’s no longer about Ray. It’s about the team and that is how it should be. I’m all for giving Ray a thunderous applause but not for a tired dance to a tired song. How about this for a novel idea, a thunderous applause for a tackle in the backfield on third and one?

Having said that, I do like the individual introductions. Can’t they alternate offensive and defensive intros along with the planned team only introductions? Don’t you want to feel the vibe in the stadium when Steve McNair is introduced for the first time as a member of the Baltimore Ravens?

Let’s get back to what we love here in Baltimore – old school football. Let’s get back to winning as a team instead of glorifying individuals.

Now that’s something to cheer about.


ravcol said...

In good old Memorial Stadium (where you could actually hear the Marching Band) one team's offensive unit and the other's defensive unit were introduced--determined by the the coin flip (done officially before the game). Receiving team would be the offense, etc. They would introduce the starters by positon, college and then their name. It was good enough for Johnny U.

Ravenwoman said...

The NFL has evolved over the past 50 years from strictly old fashion football to high energy entertainment with all of the bells, whistles and fireworks you can stand. The Super Bowl started it all and now it is all but a national holiday. We all love to be entertained.

The Ray Lewis Dance was no exception. I have mixed feelings about it, because it was really entertaining. It pumped up the crowd. It pumped up some of the players. But because of the events of last year, it has also worn out its welcome.

The downside of Ray's dance is that it doesn't show parity among the players. It's not conducive to team chemistry. Teams in the NFL that have continued long-lasting success do not elevate their key players to "Rock Star" status every game.

I think management should return to some of the pre game rituals it had under the Art Modell regime.

For example, I always enjoyed the "Football around Maryland" piece that showed a spiraling football showing off the various historical and tourist sights in Maryland. I still enjoy the pre-game piece showing Johnny U. I would also like to see fireworks at every game during the National Anthem.

We are coming off a 6-10 season. We should be humbled by that. Our team played horrible last year. We are always talking Super Bowl and playoffs. Instead of talking, we need to be playing. Most of all we need to be winning.

Quiet leadership should be the new motto of the Ravens. Introduce the team as a team with some fireworks and highlights on the Smartvision board.

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall".

Winning is the best form of entertainment!!!

ravenmaniac said...

I was listening to Todd Heap tonight and he said "it really pumped him up". I'd like to see individual introductions w/out the dance and save the dance for a playoff run.