Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NO J.O.?

This week on the Ravens flagship, Steve Davis and Stan White speculated that Jonathan Ogden could be considering retirement. To support such speculation, the co-hosts reasoned that Ogden has been very frugal with his riches and that he is set for life financially. Perhaps on the heels of his father’s death, Davis and White opined that we might have seen the last of Ogden in purple.

The death of a loved one certainly has a way of changing or re-focusing one’s priorities and the speculative nature of Davis’ and White’s discussion was at least worthy of consideration. Who would be surprised if such thoughts meandered through the mind of the future Hall of Famer? Frankly, I’d be more surprised if they didn’t.

Yet somewhere along the way, as the pain subsides and as thoughts grow clearer while reality once again sets back in, the question almost always reverts back to, “What would my [lost loved one] want me to do in this situation?”

Naturally the answer is that the lost loved one would want their surviving family members to do what makes them happy. If J.O. is still happy playing football and he still has some unfinished business on the gridiron, he’ll be back. His dad’s passing aside and given his strong financial standing, Ogden could have walked away before he hired a personal trainer and before he worked himself into the best shape of his career.

But he didn’t. Why? Only Ogden knows for sure but my bet is that he has something to prove and in 2006 he’ll seek out to do exactly that. And the memories of his Dad could very well be his guiding hand throughout the season – one that could be J.O.’s swansong.