Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Leinart Does The Cha-Cha-Ching!

Matt Leinart better recognize! He did the noble thing (or so we’re told) by staying in school and attempting the unthinkable – winning back to back Heisman Trophies and back to back National Championships. It didn’t happen. Those ballroom dancing classes that occupied his free time at USC turned out to be rather expensive lessons. Leinart undoubtedly would have been the first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft but that distinction and the $24 million in guaranteed cha-ching went to Alex Smith. Now Leinart is trying to pinch pennies with the NFL’s Ebenezer Scrooge – Bill Bidwill. Something tells me Bill’s Bidwill win!

Look on the bright side Matt. While your tap dance around training camp won’t earn you extra cake, at least you’ll have the cha-cha to fall back on….someday. Sign the deal and get into camp. Paris has moved on anyway.