Saturday, August 05, 2006


It’s ironic that the home of the Redskins is called Fedex Field. After all, Fedex is known for timely overnight deliveries. Leaving Fedex Field is anything but timely!

Back in 1997 I made my way down to what was then known as Raljon, MD with several friends to watch the Ravens take on the Redskins. Behind 176 yards from Bam Morris, the Ravens won the game 20-17 -- a score that was closer than the game itself. The afternoon was marked by a driving rain that lasted throughout the day. At best the stadium was a third full at kickoff and that number fell to about 10,000 by the time the game had ended.

Since it was a victory and since it was the Redskins and since it was apparent that we wouldn’t be leaving the parking lot any time soon, we decided to tailgate for another hour even in the driving rain. Tony Siragusa made his way around the tailgate lot, shaking hands and dishing out high fives after a victory that he knew was something special for Ravens fans.

Finally we packed our remaining things, hopped in the Expedition and headed north. Or so we thought…

Despite the fact that very few still remained in the lot, it took us another hour to get out of the lot and back on the interstate to make our way home. Another hour!

So if you are heading to the scrimmage today, plan accordingly. There’s a good chance that a Fedex delivery could make it home before you do.