Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's Not Kyle Boller's Fault

About this time three summers ago, Kyle Boller was escorted into town and placed up on a pedestal as the Ravens future franchise quarterback. Here was a player who was initially and probably more accurately projected as a third round draft pick who climbed draft boards after a very solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl and impressive showings at Scouting Combines. And then the Ravens were sucked in. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that the Ravens gave up a No. 1 and a No. 2 to draft him. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that he was thrust into the starter's role and then feed to the lions in Pittsburgh. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that he took a ride on the Billick Railroad and passed the mentoring process which obviously benefited more talented players like Carson Palmer and Byron Leftwich. Now he has that chance to sit back and absorb and maybe along the way, the hyperkinetic personality won't be so hyper and if and when he takes the field, he'll slow down upon it and see the field more clearly. But it's going to take some time if yesterday's first jittery practice is any indication. It's still very early but it look like the same old same old. Let's hope it turns around. His professionalism, work ethic, toughness and dedication to the team are admirable qualities. However an impressive camp just might give his teammates a boost of confidence that is seemingly missing in nearly all of the Ravens defenders.


MANKLES said...

Excellent post, a point that many of Boller's critics overlook.

RingoKraus said...

Well put, I would hope that more people would have a more positive outlook in reference to his development. NOT to compare, but Johnny U was traded to us from Pittsburgh without being given a chance, and Brett Favre was traded from Atlanta to Green Bay without being given a chance. Only time will tell, I hope the presence of Steve McNair as a mentor helps.

BartScottIsAStar said...

You're absolutely right its not and never has been Boller's fault that he was taken in the first round and handed the reigns of a franchise only 2 years removed from a super bowl win. And it surely wasnt his fault that he had to learn everything on his own with no "big-brother" to show him the way; instead having 3 different coaches and quarterback consultants breathing down his neck the whole time. We were too quick to crucify him when all he ever needed was what he now finally has, a proven veteran to learn from. When the time comes for Kyle to command the huddle again we will surely see a more mature and poised QB. Lets not forget, there is one quarterback that had a statistically worse first 3 seasons with his team that is now a hall of famer, and Troy Aikman be his name.