Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coaching in the NFL

We're all guilty of it -- second guessing coaching decisions and questioning the game plan of professional football men who are well versed, well experienced and extremely dedicated to the game of football. Ravens assistant coaches can often be found in the Owings Mills palace at 2 in the morning only to return 4 hours later to start all over again. Yet we question, poke at and criticize their efforts. Recently while speaking with a NFL executive, he tipped his hat to these coaches and the often thankless hours they commit to their craft. Imagine the sacrifice -- not only the sacrifice of time but also the opportunity cost of family milestones missed as a result of their dedication and tenacity. Think about that! And then think about how it can all be snatched away after a 4 game losing streak. Your future lies upon the shaky ground of an at risk head coach. Employers sometimes like to hand out jobs to those that possess a sense of urgency that drives a work ethic to get the job done. That certainly descibes the Ravens 2006 coaching staff. So as much as you might want to criticize as a fan should the team and the respective units on the team fail, just remember, these coaches have no harsher critics than the man they see each morning in the mirror.


Kay said...

Hi Tony,

On the subject of dedicated coaches, I am a friend and former college mate of the Ravens former running backs coach Matt Simon. What became of him, where did he end up if anywhere? He is an amazing person, I would defend his character to the end of time, and I wish him the best.

Thanking you in advance for any information you could provide.

Kay Rodriquez-Atlanta, Georgia