Sunday, July 30, 2006


Recently those of us on the 24x7 staff were informed by WNST that they were terminating their relationship with us. This decision by WNST has a rippling affect and it touches not only us but more importantly our loyal sponsors and listeners. We are working on plans to remedy the problem and we’re confident that we will do so shortly.

With that in mind, I’d like to thank WNST for allowing us to broadcast our radio program GAMETIME. We enjoyed our days at WNST and we especially appreciate the efforts of Drew Forrester for championing our cause and the efforts of our board op Katie Browne who was often asked to do the job of two people despite not having the resources to do so. She did it anyway and we’ll miss her!

To our listeners, we’ll be back and we’ll be better than ever. WNST’s decision to terminate our program is difficult to accept but we will and instead of wallowing in regret, we’ll channel our energies in a positive way in order to bring our sponsors and listeners greater value.

The best has yet to come and we're confident we'll be back on the air soon. Stay tuned!


Superboller1 said...

Sorry to hear about this, Tony. Every closed door is the opening to a new one. Don't give up the vision. You guys are doing good work.

Tony Lombardi said...

There's an old Chinese proverb...and I hope I don't mess this goes like this: "Better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

I'm thinking Arnold Schwarzenegger right now..."WE'LL BE BACK!"

OldSchool said...

I have long felt that WNST does the best job with local sports coverage, so this is a head-scratcher...Yours has been the best Ravens show on the radio for the 3 years I have been listening. Surely, another opportunity will arise.

Ed said...

Suck's that you have to move on but maybe it's for the better. Big and better signal feeds are out there for you good luck.

ravcol said...

At least WNST didn't pull the plug during the season..that would have been the kind of move our beloved Orioles owner would have pulled. Then again, come to think of it..
Don't worry Tony, you have a class website and are a class guy. Too bad it didn't rub off to the decision makers at the other end of the dial. Plese keep us informed when you/ the show will surface. After all, its just about GAMETIME.

fanman said...

Maybe NST wasn't big enough to handle 2 Ravens shows. I have a feeling Mr. Cunningham's ego couldn't handle being second fiddle to TL and raised a big stink w/ Nestor...just my opinion.


Steve LaPlanche said...


You're the best person to cover the RAVENS on a daily basis. Whatever you do I will be behind you 200%. I ask all Ravens Roost and Nest members to get behind Tony and help get him back online live for us. Every great man when he gets knocked gets up stronger. Tony you're a great man. So you will get up stronger and better then ever. Although WNST doesn't want you someone else will. Stay strong my man. Can't wait until I can turn on the radio again and listen to your show.


Sports Steve LaPlanche
Ravens Roost # 18

Bear said...

Good things happen to good people. You're a class act. You'll end up somewhere better in no time.

I think Nestor might be a little SHORT sighted when it comes to judging talent. Don't sweat the SMALL stuff.


Thanks for all you do,

Tony Lombardi said...

The support and accolades that we've received since being terminated by WNST has been overwhelming. We will interpret that as a sign that you enjoy our radio program GAMETIME.

I know that publicly WNST has stated that they appreciate our product both here on the web and on the air but that the two of us had difficulties working with one another. And while that may be true to a certain extent, I'd like all of you to know that we would not have abandoned the airwaves and you just when the really fun stuff was about to begin. This move was forced upon us.

You will be hearing from us on air again and there's a good chance it will be before opening kickoff on September 10. Stay tuned and again thank you for the many, many kind words.