Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have had several emails regarding our decision to change the name of our site from to Trust me, in a perfect world we would have preferred to keep it as But the reality of the situation is this – we want to maintain a very good working relationship with the Ravens and the NFL and we have to in order to provide you with proper coverage. As we grow and improve in order to accommodate the needs of our visitors we must do so without jeopardizing our good standing with the Ravens by using a name that technically is the property of the NFL.

This isn’t analogous to Peter Angelos’ refusal to put Baltimore on the Orioles road jersey. Our staff consists of local guys covering their hometown team. We are B’more to the core and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hey, isn’t that a Billy Joel song.

I could be right…

I could be crazy….

Oh it’s just a raven lunatic you’re looking for…


Recently those of us on the 24x7 staff were informed by WNST that they were terminating their relationship with us. This decision by WNST has a rippling affect and it touches not only us but more importantly our loyal sponsors and listeners. We are working on plans to remedy the problem and we’re confident that we will do so shortly.

With that in mind, I’d like to thank WNST for allowing us to broadcast our radio program GAMETIME. We enjoyed our days at WNST and we especially appreciate the efforts of Drew Forrester for championing our cause and the efforts of our board op Katie Browne who was often asked to do the job of two people despite not having the resources to do so. She did it anyway and we’ll miss her!

To our listeners, we’ll be back and we’ll be better than ever. WNST’s decision to terminate our program is difficult to accept but we will and instead of wallowing in regret, we’ll channel our energies in a positive way in order to bring our sponsors and listeners greater value.

The best has yet to come and we're confident we'll be back on the air soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's Not Kyle Boller's Fault

About this time three summers ago, Kyle Boller was escorted into town and placed up on a pedestal as the Ravens future franchise quarterback. Here was a player who was initially and probably more accurately projected as a third round draft pick who climbed draft boards after a very solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl and impressive showings at Scouting Combines. And then the Ravens were sucked in. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that the Ravens gave up a No. 1 and a No. 2 to draft him. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that he was thrust into the starter's role and then feed to the lions in Pittsburgh. It's not Kyle Boller's fault that he took a ride on the Billick Railroad and passed the mentoring process which obviously benefited more talented players like Carson Palmer and Byron Leftwich. Now he has that chance to sit back and absorb and maybe along the way, the hyperkinetic personality won't be so hyper and if and when he takes the field, he'll slow down upon it and see the field more clearly. But it's going to take some time if yesterday's first jittery practice is any indication. It's still very early but it look like the same old same old. Let's hope it turns around. His professionalism, work ethic, toughness and dedication to the team are admirable qualities. However an impressive camp just might give his teammates a boost of confidence that is seemingly missing in nearly all of the Ravens defenders.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coaching in the NFL

We're all guilty of it -- second guessing coaching decisions and questioning the game plan of professional football men who are well versed, well experienced and extremely dedicated to the game of football. Ravens assistant coaches can often be found in the Owings Mills palace at 2 in the morning only to return 4 hours later to start all over again. Yet we question, poke at and criticize their efforts. Recently while speaking with a NFL executive, he tipped his hat to these coaches and the often thankless hours they commit to their craft. Imagine the sacrifice -- not only the sacrifice of time but also the opportunity cost of family milestones missed as a result of their dedication and tenacity. Think about that! And then think about how it can all be snatched away after a 4 game losing streak. Your future lies upon the shaky ground of an at risk head coach. Employers sometimes like to hand out jobs to those that possess a sense of urgency that drives a work ethic to get the job done. That certainly descibes the Ravens 2006 coaching staff. So as much as you might want to criticize as a fan should the team and the respective units on the team fail, just remember, these coaches have no harsher critics than the man they see each morning in the mirror.

The Launch of

Back in February, we posted a survey to gather the thoughts of visitors to We suspected that changes were needed and we asked our visitors to confirm those suspicions. They did and the result is the new 24x7 that you see today. We welcome your fact we encourage them because our ultimate goal is to earn the distinction as the preferred web destination for fans of the Baltimore Ravens. Surf around and let me know what you think!